Some workers compensation cases are straightforward, while others are less obvious, but still, result in injuries that may be compensable.  If, for example, you fall and injure yourself on a staircase at work, there are lots of factors that need to be explored.  Was the injury the result of a hazardous condition?  Were the stairs cluttered, the railing not accessible, or was carpeting torn or loose?  The individual factors that contributed to your injury may result in a third-party claim against the owner of the building and/or their property management company for negligence in addition to your workers’ compensation claim.

Another less obvious case of premises liability may occur as a result of mold or airborne irritants at your worksite that contributes to an illness or allergy on your part.  Black mold is an often invisible but toxigenic substance.

If you are working in an environment where you might be exposed to mold from ongoing dampness, or in a setting where there had been water damage that was not properly eradicated, your exposure could result in illness that is less immediately obvious but debilitating nonetheless.  In cases such as these, there may be coercion by the business owner to keep everyone at work and not make the necessarily expensive repairs required to guarantee the health and wellbeing of employees.  This adds another dimension of liability to the claims.

In these situations, you need an experienced, aggressive attorney to represent your interests and to explore the specific components of the environment that gave rise to your illness or injury.  At Patch & FitzGerald, we have the experience and expertise to handle complicated cases such as these, and the track record of success that will make you feel confident that you have selected the right advocate for you and your family.  At Patch & FitzGerald, we are relentless in our pursuit of justice for our clients, and we know the ropes better than anyone else.  Which is why we are happy to take these cases on a contingency basis, at absolutely no cost to you.  We assume the risk, and we win when you win. That allows you to concentrate on feeling better. 

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