Top 10 New Hampshire Labor Law Violations


  1. Failure to pay all wages due for hours worked, fringe benefits, breaks less than 20 minutes, etc. *RSA 275:43 and Lab 803.01;
  2. Failure to keep an accurate record of all hours worked. *RSA 279: 27 and Lab 803.03;
  3. Failure to provide written notice to employees of their wage rate, pay period, payday, and a description of fringe benefits, including any changes. *RSA 275: 49 and Lab 803.03.;
  4. Illegal employment of workers under 18 (not having proper paperwork, hours violations, or working in a hazardous environment). *RSA 276-A: and Lab 1000;
  5. Failure to pay 2 hours minimum pay at their regular rate of pay on a given day that an employee reports to work at the request of the employer. *RSA 275:43-a and LAB 803.03 (h),(i),(j);
  6. Failure to secure and maintain workers compensation coverage and misclassification of employees. *RSA 275:42 I & II and RSA 281-A;
  7. Failure to pay minimum wage for all hours worked. *RSA 279:21;
  8. Employment of Undocumented Workers Prohibited. *RSA 275-A: 4-a;
  9. Illegal deductions from wages. *RSA 275: 48 and Lab 803.02(b),(e),(f);
  10. Failure to have a written safety plan, joint loss management committee, and safety summary form if required. *RSA 281-A:64 and Lab 602.01, 602.02, 603.02, and 603.03.

This list is provided by the Department of Labor as a service to employers in order to assist with education and compliance in the future. It is a quick reference to the most common violations reported on the New Hampshire Department of Labor Inspector’s reports. *References to each applicable law and rule may be reviewed online where all the New Hampshire labor laws can be found on their website at

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