Taking Time Off Can Help You Avoid Workplace Accidents

How Taking Time Off Can Help You Avoid Workplace Accidents

With the holidays upon us, there’s one thing on most people’s minds—time off. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a worker who has been employed for five years gets an average of 15 days off per year. Knowing when to take that time off, or whether to take it off at all is an issue many employees struggle with. However, there is evidence that taking time off can be beneficial to one’s health, improve productivity, and limit workplace accidents.

Vacation Renews Your Mind

Working the same job day after day and dealing with all of the stresses it entails takes a toll on a person’s mental health. According to the American Psychological Association, taking a vacation reduces anxiety and depression by removing a person from the environments they associate with those feelings. Even a vacation as short as 3-4 days has been known to show psychological benefits.

When a person comes back to work with a renewed mind after vacation, they are more likely to think clearly throughout the workday and focus on the tasks at hand instead of their stress and anxiety. Therefore, reducing the likelihood of workplace accidents that cause serious injuries.

Taking Time Off Heals Your Body

Whether a person has a desk job or a job that requires physical labor, working takes a toll on one’s body. For office workers, sitting too much over an extended period has been proven to cause an increase in heart-related diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Physical labor employees run the risk of workplace injuries such as broken bones, torn muscles, and overexertion.

When a person takes time off, even if it is just a short time, their bodies get a chance to recover from the everyday wear and tear of the workplace. Then, once they return to work, their bodies are healthier and less likely to experience injuries.

Remember, you are entitled to your paid time off.

In the United States, there are no federal laws that require employers to give their employees paid vacation days. In the private industry, however, more than 90% of employees receive paid time off. Once paid time off is issued, it is the employee’s right to use it and remember that when they do they will come back feeling refreshed and better than ever.

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