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On March 20, 2015 SSA published the final rules on the submission of evidence including adverse evidence, in disability claims. The new rules went into effect on April 20, 2015. The regulations require claimant’s to submit all evidence known that relates to the claim to the Social Security Administration, with two exceptions: Material subject to [Read More]

The maximum weekly compensation rate under the New Hampshire Workers’ Compensation Law will increase from $1,404.00 to $1,468.50 effective July 1, 2015. The minimum weekly compensation rate under the New Hampshire Workers’ Compensation Law will increase from $280.80 to $293.70 effective July 1, 2015. These changes are in accordance with RSA 281-A:28. The increases are [Read More]

Legislation known as senate bill three is working its way through the legislative process related to the reasonable value of services for medical service for workers’ compensation providers. The bill as introduced would reduce payment for medical services necessary for treatment of injured workers to 150% of the Medicare rate until July 1, 2016. Thereafter, [Read More]

It is important for injured workers to understand that workers’ compensation carriers have 30 days to either accept or deny medical bills. It is important that injured workers get the medical treatment that they need to recover from their injuries and get the treatment that they are entitled to under the law. Please don’t hesitate [Read More]

Mileage reimbursement payable under RSA 281-A:23 Medical, Hospital & Remedial Care has been increased from 56¢ to 57.5¢ for all miles incurred on or after January 1, 2015.

Monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security (SSI income) benefits from nearly 64 million Americans will increase 1.7% in 2015, the Social Security Administration recently announced. The 1.7% cost of living adjustment will begin with benefits that more than 58 million social security beneficiaries receive in January 2015. Increased payments to more than 8 million SSI [Read More]

Carolyn W. Calvin, Acting Commissioner of Social Security, recently announced that the agency will resume the periodic mailing of social security statements.(once every 5 years for most workers/ encourage everyone to create a secure my social security account to immediately access their online statement, anytime.) This statement is a valuable financial planning tool to provide [Read More]

It has been announced that CJ Stone has been named Director of the Workers’ Compensation Division of the New Hampshire Department of Labor. Director Stone has previously held various positions at the New Hampshire Department of Labor prior to her becoming Director. Patch & FitzGerald wishes Ms. Stone success in this new endeavor.

Dear Parents: McDonald’s has decided to voluntarily recall a red whistle included in a happy meal Hello Kitty Birthday Lollipop toy #6 in the U.S. and Canada after recently discovering that components of the whistle can detach, posing a choking and aspiration hazard to a young child. McDonald’s asks customers who have the toy to [Read More]



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To better serve our clients, we are a bilingual law firm. Spanish speaking clients should feel free to contact our office for a free consultation. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need assistance in any personal injury, workers’ compensation and/or social security disability claim. Esperamos con interés escuchar de usted!

The Social Security Administration welcomed a new Administrative Law Judge to their Manchester, New Hampshire office. The new Administrative Law Judge is Lisa Groeneveld-Meijer who was an Administrative Law Judge in New Haven, CT ODAR office. According to disabilityjudges.com, Judge Groeneveld-Meijer has a 46% approval rate, 35% denial rate and 18% of her cases are [Read More]

Today marks the anniversary of the signing of the Social Security Act. President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act during the midst of the great depression in 1935. The act initially only covered a limited number of workers in commerce and industry and provided only retirement benefits. Subsequently, it was expanded to provide additional retirement [Read More]

The National Trial Lawyers is a professional organization composed of the premiere trial lawyers from across the country who exemplifies superior qualifications as civil plaintiff or civil defense trial lawyers. The National Trial Lawyers top 40 under 40 is a division composed of America’s top young trial attorneys. The National Trial Lawyers 40 under 40 [Read More]

Danny is a rising junior at Souhegan High School in Amherst, NH. Danny is also a lead attorney on Souhegan’s mock trial team and is active in local politics. Danny is hoping to attend law school and practice law or become a political campaign manager.

Effective July 1, 2014, the maximum New Hampshire compensation rate under the New Hampshire Workers’ Compensation law will increase from $1,333 to $1,404. In order for an injured worker to receive the maximum benefit, the employer must have an average weekly wage that is determined by RSA 281-A:15 in the amount of $2,340 or more. [Read More]

  The New Hampshire legislature recently created a special fund to provide additional benefits to police and fire fighters who are injured on the job and suffer a permanent impairment as a result of their work injury. Please contact Patch & FitzGerald for more information regarding this special fund to compensate police and fire fighters injured [Read More]

Elaine Murphy-Maltasis was recently named Director of the Workers’ Compensation division at the New Hampshire Department of Labor. Mrs. Murphy-Maltasis previously served as a hearing officer at the New Hampshire Department of Labor.

Governor Maggie Hassan has recently announced the creation of a task force to make recommendations to reform the New Hampshire workers’ compensation system. This was done after a study by the New Hampshire Insurance Department showed that New Hampshire has some of the highest medical costs in the nation for workers’ compensation claims. The task force [Read More]

It was recently announced that Kathryn Barger has been named Deputy Labor Commissioner for the New Hampshire Department of Labor. Ms. Barger previously held the position of Director of Workers’ Compensation Division.

Serious work-related injuries will frequently enable the worker to also qualify for Social Security disability benefits. This is especially true when the worker has other health conditions that limit his/her ability to work. When you reach the point where you are able to settle the workers’ compensation claim, beware of the Social Security Disability Benefits [Read More]

Whether you are an experienced rider or considering purchasing your first motorcycle, educating yourself about motorcycle safety is a must. Generally speaking, motorcycles are significantly more dangerous then passenger cars and light trucks. Consider the following statistics; • According to the Federal Department of Transportation, motorcycle operators are involved in deadly accidents 35x more than [Read More]

On March 26, 2014, Attorney John L. Ward of Patch & FitzGerald law firm spent the day at the Littleton High School career fair. At the career fair, Attorney Ward talked with students from 6th grade to 11th grade regarding the legal profession, some of its challenges and the benefits of becoming a lawyer. Attorney [Read More]

2014 Social Security Changes

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