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  Patch, FitzGerald & Ward is proud to announce that the New Hampshire Supreme Court has ruled in favor of our client regarding attorney fees. December 13, 2016 opinion in the matter of Appeal of Katherien Streeter.  Attorney John FitzGerald, III and Attorney Dana Smith on the brief. The petitioner, Katherine Streeter, appeals an order [Read More]

Patch, FitzGerald & Ward, P.A. is pleased to announce Attorney John L. Ward has once again been recognized by his peers for inclusion in the New England edition of the Super Lawyers Magazine, a publication listing the most accomplished attorneys in each state. Each year, the magazine compiles a list of roughly five percent of [Read More]

Parenting Plans

Published November 15th, 2016 in Blog Post

PARENTING PLANNED By Dana K. Smith, Esq. A big part of being an attorney is that everyone, from your neighbor, to Uncle Jim, to the cable guy, has a question or scenario they want to run by for your legal advice. Most of the time, I can certainly understand where these questions are coming from. [Read More]

IMPORTANCE OF PARENTING PLANS IN DIVORCE AND SEPARATION AGREEMENTS According to the New Hampshire Law regarding parental rights and responsibilities, specifically section 461-A: 2, children are considered tohave proper development when both parents are present during their childhood. The state has therefore put in place measures to ensure children always have access to both parents [Read More]

Every year, almost 5 million people are bitten by dogs….and most of those bitten are children, followed by senior citizens. Preventing dog bites is everyone’s responsibility, and simple measures can be very effective. Be aware of the fact that any dog can bite. From the smallest to the largest, even the friendliest, cute and easy-going [Read More]

New Hampshire Workers’ Comp Covers All Employees. It doesn’t matter whose fault the injury was. In most cases, employees can get workers’ comp, including part-time, temporary, and immigrant workers. Undocumented workers are eligible for most types of workers’ compensation benefits, including payment of medical bills. Injured Workers’ Benefits: New Hampshire Workers’ Compensation law is designed [Read More]

Hispanic and Latinos are much more likely to be fatally injured on the job. Personal Injury Attorney services are needed in the Spanish Speaking community. Their families are in need of the legal support of attorneys wHispanic and Latinos are much more likely to be fatally injured on the job, but are less likely to [Read More]

Custody cases are a common phenomenon in the modern day courtrooms with failed marriages being a major contributing factor. The families of the involved parties are often affected by these incidences with children being the most affected. The effects can range from psychological change to changes in academic performance which is often portrayed by children [Read More]

5 WAYS TO APPLY FOR SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY INSURANCE pays benefits to you and certain members of your family if you are “insured,” meaning that you worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes. SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME pays benefits based on financial need. Here are 5 ways to apply for Social Security [Read More]

The New Hampshire Supreme Court recently ruled that family members of injured workers’ are entitled to reimbursement for home care health care that they provide for their relative.  The Court found that the definition of health care provider did not exclude family members and that this service was reimbursable pursuant to the New Hampshire Workers’ [Read More]

On February 26, 2016 the New Hampshire Supreme Court issued a decision in the Appeal of Raymond Cover which states that part time employees are eligible for reinstatement pursuant to RSA 281-A:25-a. The Supreme Court found that part-time employees have a right of reinstatement pursuant to RSA 281-A:25-a and that Lab 504.05 (b)(3) impermissibly modifies [Read More]

Patch, FitzGerald and Ward are pleased to announce that Lori Jusczak, nurse paralegal, was recently named to the school board for the Making Community Connections Charter School. Lori also serves on the Academic Excellence and Development Committee at the school. Congratulations Lori!

Mileage reimbursement payable under RSA 281-A:23-Medical, Hospital & Remedial Care has been decreased from 57.5 cents to 54 cents for all miles incurred on or after January 1, 2016.

The Law firm of Patch & FitzGerald is pleased to announce that Attorney John L. Ward has been named a partner. The firm will now change its name to Patch, FitzGerald & Ward. Attorney Ward is currently a member of the New Hampshire Bar Association, New Hampshire Association for Justice and the National Organization of [Read More]

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