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Published January 11th, 2014 in Workers Comp

  1. House Bill 0546 requires a 10-day notice for an independent medical examination. Additionally, the notice of independent medical examination must include a statement that “This medical examination is at the request of either the employer or insurance carrier. The examination is not for the purpose of treatment or advice about treatment for a medical opinion about the employees claim.” All other prior requirements for IME notices remain in effect.
  2. Senate Bill 0147 allows pharmacies (including mail-order pharmacies) to substitute generic medication unless the prescribing practitioner hand writes “medically necessary” and on the prescription note in or gives instructions when transmitting verbally that brand-name prescription drug is medically necessary. However, if the brand-name drug is less expensive than the generic drug, the brand-name drug shall be used.
  3. Senate Bill 95 allows the employee to select his or her own pharmacy for dispensing and filling prescription medication for workers’ compensation injuries

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